Gary Taxali – Are We Serious Print Release

There’s usually a lot more than just a print behind each of our RUNs. There’s a reason we work with every artist on here, and the print is that tangible object at the end our discussions. Okay, maybe I’m underemphasizing that bit. We put a lot of effort into selecting the images because you want beautiful stuff on your walls! My point in this rambling introduction, is that we have a lot to say about Gary Taxali. As a collector, you should be in the know too!

About Taxali

Actually, this video interview does a great job of introducing you to Gary.

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He keeps doing more notable projects, and this is from last Fall, so definitely peruse his blog, or check his news page, if you’re interested in the very latest. The most impressive we’ve just heard is his illustration of some new Canadian legal tender. Talk about printing money!

About the “Are We Serious” image

While we have zero interest in “flipping” art, if you aren’t a Taxali collector already, you might be interested to hear that it’s common for a $150 – 300 print of his to later be valued at $1,500. Most of our collectors (including us) buy art because we want our walls to look beautiful, but if that kind of added value helps give a smirk while doing so, then we’re happy too.

“This print, ‘Are We Serious’ was originally created from a piece of art with the same name for my solo show, ‘Hindi Love Song’ in 2009 at The Jonathan LeVine Gallery. The image, posits the question (without the use of a question mark) ‘Are We Serious’, which can mean different things depending on how you feel. And by the way, no, I am not serious. At least right this minute, anyway.”
– Gary Taxali

Taxali currently has a giant installation of this image on the doors of the Drake Hotel in Toronto, which offers a cultural experience and unique destination for discerning guests the world over.

“Walking into the Drake, guests will literally pass through his iconic drawing ‘Are We Serious’ installed on the front doors. Meanwhile, in the new Dining Roadshow, Taxali has set the stage for the Drake’s summer school-inspired Dining Hall. This large-scale installation combines Taxali’s classic characters drawn on found materials that are complete with original doodles, reminders and notes that enrich the whole piece, blurring the lines between fact and fiction, past and present.”
– The Drake Hotel

The Mini Gocco prints

These little screen prints aren’t just prints. They’re actually original pieces (thus the $100, $150, $200+ price points). There are loads of designs, but all are very clearly a Gary Taxali. Here’s a look at a few of them.

TAXALI mini gocco prints

If you’d like to browse the ones available online, you can go here. Shoot us an email, and you can get a discount via 1xRUN special relationship with the artist.

Gary’s upcoming books


Taxali’s upcoming books, 2 new Artist Monographs: “I Love You, OK” (published by teNeues) and “MONO TAXALI” (published by 27_9).  Thursday, Sept 22nd, at The Art Gallery of Ontario, 6 -9 PM.