Handiedan Takes Her Collages to New Levels with “Torus” Solo Exhibition at Corey Helford Gallery


Take a look at the artwork created by Dutch mixed-media artist Handiedan, and try and imagine her process. Soon enough, that task proves difficult; it is clear that Handiedan is a true master of her craft. Utilizing a fascinating mixture of digital and hand-sculpted materials, the artist creates amazing collages that push the boundaries of mixed media art.

Her work often meshes pop culture iconography with dizzying, symmetrical environments sculpted out of Victorian and Neo-Classical designs. The result is transportive: the 50s pin-up doll commands the space of a $10.00 bill, a fine china dish, and an ancient Greek temple, transcending space and time. The intricacy and meticulousness in her style is mesmerizing.


Handiedan is interested in the uncanny and the mathematical. Previously, she has incorporated the Fibonacci sequence, the golden ratio, and fractals in her work. Handiedan’s exploration of the inexplicable natural world continues in her approach to the torus: the three-dimensional, donut-shaped motion pattern.

The artist’s upcoming solo exhibition, titled “Torus”, opens at Corey Helford Gallery on November 2nd.

“Torus is my biggest show to date with more than 20 new pieces in a wide range of sizes and use of material and experiences, exhibited in the main gallery space. An exhibition that will take you on a journey through time and energy, my mind, vision and fascinations and the creation process of my art.” -Handiedan

See below for never-before-seen images taken from her new body of work, and catch her exhibition, open for viewing until December 7!





See all available work by Handiedan here.

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