Inertia at Inner State Gallery Recap

Earlier this month Dave “Persue” Ross, Kwest and Jarus unveiled new bodies of work to the public in the form of Inertia at Inner State Gallery. The exhibition will be on display until August 6th. Have a look at the opening reception and be sure to pick up your favorite piece on each artists Inertia page at the links below before they are gone…

kwest-persue-jarus_inner-state-gallery_july152016 4

Click To View Works From Inertia by Kwest

kwest-persue-jarus_inner-state-gallery_july152016 11

Click To View Works From Inertia by Jarus

kwest-persue-jarus_inner-state-gallery_july152016 14

Click To View Works From Inertia by Persue

kwest-persue-jarus_inner-state-gallery_july152016_opening-night 10 kwest-persue-jarus_inner-state-gallery_july152016_opening-night 19 kwest-persue-jarus_inner-state-gallery_july152016_opening-night 20 kwest-persue-jarus_inner-state-gallery_july152016_opening-night 30 kwest-persue-jarus_inner-state-gallery_july152016_opening-night 66 kwest-persue-jarus_inner-state-gallery_july152016_opening-night 74

Head out to the gallery from 12-6 Wednesday-Friday and 11-6 on Saturdays or check out the entire collection in the 1xRUN Original Art Section.

Inner State Gallery
1410 Gratiot Ave
Detroit 48207
[email protected]