Inertia Featuring Dave “Persue” Ross, Kwest & Jarus Opens July 15th

Opening July 15th, Inner State Gallery is proud to present Inertia featuring new works from Dave “Persue” Ross, Kwest and Jarus. Highlighting entirely new bodies of work from three artists that are perpetually in motion, Inertia showcases each artist’s tirelessly crafted styles, honed on the streets and refined in the gallery for this unique show. Operating seamlessly both individually as well as an unstoppable trio, each artist drives forward to what promises to be an unforgettable exhibition.

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In his latest body of work San Diego artist Persue provides a wide range of dreamscapes to enter and explore. Using his signature characters as guides through an illustrated, cartoon-like world, Persue also experiments with abstraction, playing with composition and use of color with childlike freedom.

“With these pieces I wanted viewers to probe the space and float aimlessly within it, falling or flying like many of my characters do. In some works, the dreamscapes are absent of characters, but I would like the audience to dive in and explore the chaos or calmness of these abstract compositions allowing the work to draw a response from deep within the viewer,” Persue said.

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Drawing from within himself, Toronto’s Kwest delves deep into an entirely new cohesive body of work, which finds the mixed media artist challenging himself with new techniques and applications combining his two parallel worlds. Meticulously crafted over the past two decades, these sculptural works flow fluidly between evolving outdoor public installations and cleanly refined 3D gallery works.

“To create a sculptural assemblage in the studio and then take it into a public environment to paint answered my constant pursuit to challenge myself, and the work I produce. This work truly captures that action, the creative state I enter in both genres, and the unique stories evolved as each set is produced. Through the production of each series, two different pieces are produced, one on the surface of the work and one on the background it was painted on. This also simultaneously provides two arenas of viewing, one with an undetermined course of momentum in the public, and the other a purposeful display in gallery. The inertia in these actions displays both states of definition,” Kwest says of his latest body of work.

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Finding Inertia through the graffiti covered trains in remote Saskatchewan, fellow Canadian Jarus presents his debut solo exhibition. Showcasing a masterful blend of charcoal, spray paint, pastels and acrylic, the prolific freight muralist and graffiti writer finds himself juxtaposing his arresting portraits of both people and freights effortlessly, regardless of the medium.

“Many of my subjects are people that I have met on my journey painting around the world, true forces of inertia, both of us moving together on momentum alone. I feel each portrait in this series is visually unique, but each subject is equally relatable as I capture each portrait as viscerally and honestly as I can, while staying true to the emotion created by these unique people and our interactions,” Jarus said while working at Inner State Gallery’s Artist In Residency studio.

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Please join us for our Opening Artist Reception from 7-10pm as we welcome all three artists in attendance. This event is free and open to the public.

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