Inner State Gallery Presents Doze Green, Cryptik, Hueman + Brad Eastman At Scope Miami Beach 2015

Inner State Gallery is proud to present two of the contemporary art movement’s most sought after artists as New York City graffiti and b-boy legend Doze Green and storied calligrapher and international muralist Cryptik bring entirely new collections to Scope’s Miami Beach Art Fair.  With both artists prolific in their own right, these new works highlight their intricate line work and unique visual vocabulary to make for a fitting compliment to one another, as both artists unveil harmonious exhibitions that transcend reality into the metaphysical. In addition the gallery will be showcasing select works from Oakland’s Hueman and Australia’s Brad Eastman to round out one the most anticipated exhibitions of the year.


The prestigious Scope Art Fair takes place during Art Basel Miami in the heart of Miami Beach and since its inception has proved to be the place to see the world’s leading contemporary artists and galleries. A monumental pavilion will welcome nearly 45,000 visitors over the course of six days. Showcasing more than 100 of the world’s best contemporary galleries, hundreds of artists will unveil new groundbreaking work during the largest art festival in the country.


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“After having one of the most talked about booths in Miami last year we wanted to follow up in 2015 with another unforgettable collection.  We feel that showcasing established artists Doze Green and Cryptik with unique bodies of works will make quite an impact on fans and collectors alike,” Jesse Cory Co-Founder of Inner State Gallery said.

doze-green-scope-IMG_5105web2Dogs Of War by Doze Green
82 x 52 x 2 Inches Acrylic On Canvas
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A modern legend of the contemporary art movement Doze Green needs no introduction. As a founding member of the Rocksteady Crew his reach has stretched far beyond his breakdancing and subway graffiti roots. Delving into the metaphysical, Green continues to translate complex concepts through his flowing line work and color studies in this latest body of works. Fresh off a sold out show at Paris’ Galerie Openspace, Green’s latest works continue to push the line form as only he can.


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Los Angeles based artist Cryptik will also unveil his latest collection of works created over the past year. These hypnotic Mantradalas are an exploration of how art can be used as a tool for meditation, introspection and trance induction. Each piece is adorned with sacred mantras and prayers in hopes of bringing blessings and positive karma to all who view it.
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According to Cryptik, “These Mantradalas are cosmic diagrams that remind us of our relation to the infinite and serves as a gateway to a world that extends beyond our material reality. Inspired by the Sacred Science of the ancient Egyptians, as well as the practice and creation of Tibetan sand mandalas, this collection reflects the long forgotten wisdom of our ancestors.”


New Work by Cryptik – Email [email protected] for additional information

Featured artists Hueman and Brad Eastman round out the Inner State Gallery booth showcasing intricate and vibrant works that highlight two of the growing new contemporary art movement’s most colorful and creative emerging artists.

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Inner State Gallery’s Scope Exhibition is located at Booth C03 at 801 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach.

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To join the advanced collector preview or for media inquiries please contact [email protected] or call (313) 744-6505.