Inner State Gallery Presents Ron Zakrin Solo Exhibition Rhythm Generation

Opening Friday, May 27th Detroit artist Ron Zakrin returns to Inner State Gallery with an entirely new body of work entitled Rhythm Generation. This latest work centers around the influence of technology on human behavior, creativity, and expression. Pulling direct influence from his tenure as a seasoned painter, musician and producer, Zakrin’s latest collection moves viewers visually in the same way that the hypnotic sounds of electronic music move crowds of dancing bodies. Check out all of the work from Rhythm Generation here on 1xRUN and read on for more behind this expansive show…


“This exhibition looks to both the recent past — how technical advances in the music industry shaped a generation — and to the near future for motifs and possible outcomes due to developments in artificial intelligence. This expansive body of work tells a story of adaptation and the integration of technology,” Zakrin said from his studio in Detroit’s Eastern Market.


Zakrin’s second solo exhibition at the internationally recognized gallery will feature paintings that effortlessly blend his personal interests and influences ranging from Japanese culture to science fiction to electronic music. Historical paintings influenced by legendary underground dance parties from the 1990’s capture frozen moments in time that would lead to a global movement that changed popular music forever.

“The exhibition’s title Rhythm Generation refers to the signal output of a drum machine, a familiar piece of equipment in my studio, which is heavily featured in the show. It is also a reference to the generation/s that have come to embrace a musical landscape laden with a rhythm that induces a physical reaction,” Zakrin continued.



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