Inside The Juxtapoz Clubhouse That Took Over Miami

In one of the most talked about events of Miami Art Week 2016, 1xRUN partnered up with Juxtapoz Magazine and Mana Urban Arts Project as part of the Juxtapoz Clubhouse which featured original artwork, indoor murals and installations, a beauty shop, cafe, artist signings & new print editions, art books along with tons work new and old from 1xRUN alumni from around the globe.

Transforming the bare bones warehouse space, the front room at the corner of 24th and 5th was filled with massive installation pieces from 1xRUN alum Cey Adams, Cinta Vidal, Alex Yanes, Fintan Magee, Zio Ziegler, Low Bros and Wolfbat aka Dennis McNett.  McNett brought his immersive Fenris installation, looming large with a huge talking head ominously overlooking the front room alongside an installation and impromptu tattoo shop from artist Scott Campbell which New York City gallery Milk brought back for the latest iteration of Whole Glory.

Rounding out the large open room, the 1xRUN x Juxtapoz Clubhouse Bookstore featured a new print suite with releases from Cyrcle, Cash For Your Warhol (CFYW), Fintan Magee, Ravi Zupa, Atomik, Alex Yanes and Brandon Boyd. (There are extremely limited quantities remaining so be sure to grab yours now before they are gone!) The pop up show also showcased new Juxtapoz and 1xRUN merch, as well as featured artist t-shirts, hats, pins and more from Andrew Schoultz, CFYW and ABCNT printed by our good friends at Jakprints! Tying the room together, Jesse Kassel and Noah Levy  took over the space with a new indoor mural wrapping around the book store from top to bottom.

Heading out of the bookstore, fans would be greeted by a black and white hallway installation by Zes, before heading into Swoon’s latest installation Pearly’s Beauty Shop, which featured a full blown make up and beauty salon, along with DJ sets on Saturday night from 1xRUN’s own Sara Aldridge, as well as Shepard Fairey. Fans could also snag prints from the Heliotrope Foundation Print Suite, featuring more world-renowned artists that we can name here. Rounding out the back room, New York City’s Jonathan Levine Gallery brought his latest group exhibition A Conversation Between Friends which featured recent works from 1x alum Glenn Barr, Tara McPherson, Brett Amory, Handiedan, Andrew Hem, Dennis McNett, Gary Taxali, James Bullough and Tristan Eaton along with many more…

If all of that wasn’t enough, down the street Andrew Schoultz threw down a huge outdoor installation for his Infinity Plaza, and by installation we really just mean a full skate park complete with accents of Scoultz work along with Zes and Hoxxoh throughout the park’s rails and walls. Take a look inside each below, and check out even more photos over at, @ManaUrbanArtProjects and @1xRUN. A heartfelt thank you to the hard work of all the parties involved. Please support the artists and galleries that work so tirelessly to make things like this happen.


The 1xRUN x Juxtapoz Clubhouse Book Shop














Brandon Boyd Signing His Latest Edition Lauren In Transit




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Ravi Zupa

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juxtapozjuxtapozclubhouse13Wolfbat aka Dennis McNett


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Cinta Vidal


Fintan Magee & Zio Ziegler


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Cey Adams

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Swoon’s Pearly Beauty Shop Crew



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A Conversation Between Friends



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Photos provided by the artists and galleries as noted, as well as Todd Mazer and 1xRUN Editor-In-Chief Pietro Truba – follow them @toddmazer and @pietrotruba respectively. 

A very special thank you to the crews over at Mana Contemporary and Juxtapoz for working tirelessly to create this space and inviting us to participate in this amazing activation.