Inside (& Outside) Of Sheryo & The Yok’s Brooklyn Studio

An inseparable globetrotting duo, 1xRUN alum Sheryo & The Yok are always on the move. After meeting them for the inaugural POW! WOW! Taiwan back in 2014, the two then came out to Detroit for a visit, and since then we have seen them hustling in all corners of the world. 1xNEWS Contributor Daniel Weintraub recently headed over to check out the Brooklyn studio space that the couple share when they aren’t traveling. Read on for the full story and check out available works from Sheryo & The Yok here


I was excited to see that Sheryo & The Yok kicked off the outdoor painting season by lacing up a fruit truck on the other end of my neighborhood here in Bushwick, Brooklyn. It’s their latest piece in the area, as the duo has gotten a nice jump start, already getting down with Hoacs on a big wall, as well as painting the gates by the old Factory Fresh spot. Other recent works include a box truck that can usually be spotted sitting in the back of the Home Depot parking lot in BedStuy, and a collaborative piece with Smells907 and Keely which is located on what I refer to as the 907crew head quarters. Ask your local Bushwick street art nerd and they can point you in the right direction.




From left: Keely, Sheryo, Smells907, and The Yok. From left: Keely, The Yok, Smells907, and Sheryo.


SheryoYok-StudioVisit-Bushwick-Halopigg-1xRun-1xNews-5 SheryoYok-StudioVisit-Bushwick-Halopigg-1xRun-1xNews-6 SheryoYok-StudioVisit-Bushwick-Halopigg-1xRun-1xNews-23

Since I had a chance to shoot the recent work, I used their freshly painted fruity goodness as an excuse to walk to the other side of the neighborhood, and luckily I was also able to combine the trip with a studio visit. As I arrived Sheryo & The Yok were busy preparing work for two upcoming shows, one a group show with Athen B. Gallery in Oakland and the other for a solo show with Black Book Gallery in Denver. The duo works in tandem with one working on sketching and inking, while the other works on painting or spraying a different work. I just sat back and enjoyed, watching and listening as the couple seamlessly joked and worked with each other. It was almost as if they’ve been doing this for a bit. The duo’s studio works ranged from pieces on paper to vinyl figurines, and even some ceramic work.

SheryoYok-StudioVisit-Bushwick-Halopigg-1xRun-1xNews-16SheryoYok-StudioVisit-Bushwick-Halopigg-1xRun-1xNews-14 SheryoYok-StudioVisit-Bushwick-Halopigg-1xRun-1xNews-19 SheryoYok-StudioVisit-Bushwick-Halopigg-1xRun-1xNews-18 SheryoYok-StudioVisit-Bushwick-Halopigg-1xRun-1xNews-17 SheryoYok-StudioVisit-Bushwick-Halopigg-1xRun-1xNews-13 SheryoYok-StudioVisit-Bushwick-Halopigg-1xRun-1xNews-21 SheryoYok-StudioVisit-Bushwick-Halopigg-1xRun-1xNews-22 SheryoYok-StudioVisit-Bushwick-Halopigg-1xRun-1xNews-11 SheryoYok-StudioVisit-Bushwick-Halopigg-1xRun-1xNews-12 SheryoYok-StudioVisit-Bushwick-Halopigg-1xRun-1xNews-20

We talked about travel plans and upcoming mural festivals, as well as other recent projects of theirs including working with Google’s future technologies. Sheryo & The Yok were one of a small handful artists individually selected to test out Google’s Tilt Brush. I find studio visits are both great to see works in progress as well as an archive of the past. Eventually break time led to my first Australian steak sandwich cooked by The Yok, and a tasty hot chocolate like dessert called Milo courtesy of Sheryo. Any studio visit where I leave with a full belly and free art is always a success, and this one was a success. Post lunch work was followed by a walk around the neighborhood to see the sites. A tour around the less traveled end of my neighborhood led to some Sheryo & Yok pieces on found objects, as well as another freshly painted fruit truck and some of its patrons.

SheryoYok-StudioVisit-Bushwick-Halopigg-1xRun-1xNews-2 SheryoYok-StudioVisit-Bushwick-Halopigg-1xRun-1xNews-3SheryoYok-StudioVisit-Bushwick-Halopigg-1xRun-1xNews-24 SheryoYok-StudioVisit-Bushwick-Halopigg-1xRun-1xNews-26 SheryoYok-StudioVisit-Bushwick-Halopigg-1xRun-1xNews-27 SheryoYok-StudioVisit-Bushwick-Halopigg-1xRun-1xNews-25

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Photos and words by 1xRUN Contributor Daniel Weintraub, follow him on Instagram @halopigg