Kristin Farr’s Magic Hecksagons Have Rainbow Power

San Francisco artist Kristin Farr has been on a tear as of late with her Magic Hecksagons! Most recently she knocked out a mural at the Facebook headquarters and an installation at The Berkley Art Center. We’ve been working with Kristin since meeting at POW! WOW! and have seen that 1xRUN collector’s around the globe cannot get enough of her beautiful hypnotic mix of colors. Her latest Rainbow Power (available here) is mounted to wood and ready to hang, at a limited edition of 40 they will go fast so be sure to snag yours while you still can! Read on to get the story behind Kristin’s latest release and see more original artwork in her Magic Hecksagon series…


1x: Tell us a little bit about this piece…
Kristin Farr: It’s a big rainbow magic power symbol. I’m almost always drawn to some kind of spectrum with these Magic Hecksagon paintings. I try to force myself to avoid the rainbow, but this time I threw caution to the wind and went full-on prismatic.

1x: Was this piece part of a recent theme, series or show that you had?
Kristin Farr: The print is from a painting I made for a show at the Berkeley Art Center where I did a big installation of these paintings hanging along a bridge, with a mega Magic Hecksagon mural on the building. So the original painting is currently hanging outside in a woodsy park in Berkeley like a big hippy.


1x: What materials were used to create this piece ?
Kristin Farr: Gouache paint on wood.

1x: When was this piece drawn and created? How long did this piece take to complete?
Kristin Farr: Last month! May 1. I checked my Instagram. Probably 25 hours.


1x: Is there anything immediate you would like us to highlight?
Kristin Farr: These paintings will bring you lots of magical experiences, good fortune and positive vibes, guaranteed. This print is extra magical and powerful because it’s the first 1xRUN print I’ve done that is mounted on a wooden circle, which is the closest you can get to an original painting, since the originals are painted on wood tabletops. I’m so grateful to 1xRUN for using lasers and super powers to make this unique print on wood possible.

1x: Tell us a little bit about your process and how the idea and execution came about for this piece?
Kristin Farr: I’ve been painting these Magic Hecksagons for years. They are related to my family’s legacy in Pennsylvania Dutch country and “barn quilts” or “hex signs” painted on rustic structures. I have a contemporary, geometric, rainbow approach to this tradition, and I see my paintings as neo-folk art. My process starts with buffing the tabletop, drawing the pattern, and then choosing colors and laying them all out. Then I just fill it all in with paint like a hypnotized elf.

1x: What do you feel is unique about this piece compared to some of your other work?
Kristin Farr: I’ve recently been making the designs more 3D, and this is the first one I did with 3D rainbows. The print and almost all of the originals have the same pencil drawing underneath, just different colors and contrasts with the paint.

1x: Describe this piece in one gut reaction word.
Kristin Farr: The Hypnotic.

Kristin Farr - Magic Hecksagon (Rainbow Power)

1x: How has 2016 been treating you? Bring us up to speed on what you’ve been up to this year…
Kristin Farr: So great! I did a mural on the street in San Francisco for a bike corral, a mural at Facebook, and the outdoor installation at the Berkeley Art Center. And I saw a whale in virtual reality.


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1xRUN: Where else can people find you?
Kristin Farr: Instagram@KristinFarr – TwitterWebsite