Kukula Pulls Italian & English Influences For Decoupage Series

We are excited to welcome back Israeli-born artist Kukula as she returns with two beautiful new prints Sicille and Blue Jane! Both editions are available with custom frames, with each incorporating decoupage style while still pulling in Italian and English influences respectively on each to compliment what Kukula calls her signature neo-rococo style. Read on as Kukula gives us the background on her latest Découpage series and be sure to grab yours before they are gone…


1xRUN Thru Interview
Sicille & Blue Jane by Kukula

1xRUN: Tell us a little bit about these pieces, was there an original created?
Kukula:  I made these pieces around the same time for 2 different group shows. They were both inspired by 19th century portraits,  when the hair style took an important part in showing the wealth in paintings of young women.

Sicille was inspired by Dolce & Gabana previous collection. the collection is very catholic, though I’m Jewish, I’m very much inspired by the catholic church (for many reasons we won’t get into now.) I don’t often use black combined with red in such a graphic way, but I love how they used in their designs.


Blue Jane was inspired by an English made china bone tea cup I saw in one of my tea cups collection books.

1x: When were these pieces created and what materials were used on these piece?
Kukula: Ink, prisma colors and oils.  Each of these was created over the course of 4 days in January of 2016.


1x: Tell us how the idea and execution came about?
Kukula:  I bought a new book of portraits from the…and was very inspired. I don’t do much work on paper but got really into it lately after the drawing show at Corey Helford last year after they sent me an extravagate pencil box. I always wanted this color pencil box but always ended up buying oils or shoes, so I’m very grateful for this gift! Hehe…

1x: What is unique about this piece compared with some of your other work?
Kukula:  Its have more clean light effect than my oil pieces, I think it’s a little refreshing…

1x: Why should people buy one of these prints?
Kukula:  Cause they have enough shoes and they need more prints…they are like shoes for walls.

1x: Describe the piece in one gut reaction word.
Kukula: Floral.

1x: It looks like you’ve been getting some flack on Instagram about your paintings, with a few being reported. What would you want to say to the people who are reporting your paintings?
Kukula: I want to tell them “ go home, nothing to see here!” I really can’t tell why Instagram is accepting those reports, it’s say clearly in their policy that nudity in paintings is OK.

1x: You are always sharing process photos and sketches on your Instagram feed, how much time do you spend a day would you say sketching or designing prior to actually painting?
Kukula:  Not as much as you think. I will work for an intensive period of time…and then take a big break. Only answering emails can take a whole day. I have 270 unread emails right now…I need an assistant.

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1x: I saw you referred to as a neo-rococo artist, is that something you agree with?
Kukula: Neo-Rococo was my own idea actually. It started after I decided to call myself that on Instagram at some point last year, after a lot of thinking. It was because I can’t relate to anything “Low Brow” and I really dislike the term “Pop Surrealism” and wanted to make it clear – this is not where I see my self and my work belonging! Many won’t agree with me because of esthetic reasons and I won’t argue.  But the fact is that I’m a big Louie fan…therefore I’m a Neo-Rococoist. I like a lavish, luxuries and extravagant everything…this is my main passion.

1x: Where and when did your fascination with that ornate style begin?
Kukula: When I was super little in the mid 80’s, I was obsessed with ballet and opera from the 18th century style. I also loved this anime TV show that we had in Israel that was called Hana No Ko Lunlm, and it had a little bit of a cheesy European style to it. I dreamt about this esthetic ever since…I think many people find it a little ugly, I see it as correct.kukula-influences

1x: Recently it seems you were traveling a lot, what are some of the advantages and disadvantages for you traveling vs. working in one place as an artist?
Kukula:  I didn’t travel much this year, gladly, I got tired of traveling. I am moving a lot though and the only advantage is when you are in a new place and you don’t have any friends the best thing you can do is work…I was very prolific in New Haven Connecticut, but now it’s time to move again. This time I’m moving Dallas, Texas, so let’s see how that goes! I can’t see myself there really, but my husband got a job there (he is a history professor at SMU) and I’ve found an amazing loft in downtown with very old with high ceilings, just the way I like it! By the way, they have so much avocado!

1x: Any other big plans for this year that you want to share?
Kukula: I’m finally going to visit Japan, I’m so excited! That’s basically it…

1xRUN: Where else can people find you?
Kukula: – Website Instagram + Twitter @dear_kukula