Check Out Over 45 New Murals In Detroit For Murals In The Market 2015

Over the last 10 days more than 45 new murals have been created in Detroit’s Historic Eastern Market district for 1xRUN’s Murals In The Market festival. Detroit’s first international mural festival found both local and international artists tackling massive walls with waves of color and cultivating a contagious artistic energy that transformed the city into the global epicenter of the contemporary public art movement. Read on to see all 45 murals from 1xRUN’s inaugural Murals In The Market

Traveling artists from as far away as Australia, New Zealand & Spain joined an ambitious group of Detroit artists to continue the district’s vibrant history of large scale murals, putting their unique voice on display throughout the city. In addition to the estimated 45,000 market patrons who visit each weekend, thousands more flocked to watch these artists create new murals from start to finish in the historic farmer’s market.

In addition to the murals, 1xRUN created a diverse group of programming for the artists involved, as well as for fans new and old. Highlight events included intimate talks with legendary New York City documentary photographer Martha Cooper, progressive Parisian street artist Kashink as well as New Zealand’s Askew. Artists also participated in the Detroit’s Slow Roll bike ride taking a unique look at the city in one of it’s newest weekly traditions, and took in the sights and sounds of Detroit’s finest musicians at TV Lounge. Read on to check out all the murals from Murals In The Market and be sure to check out LIMITED EDITION PRINTS as well as ORIGINAL ARTWORK from ALL THE ARTISTS FROM MURALS IN THE MARKET!




Photos by Sal Rodriguez @ElJefe313 and The Pharmacy Co. @ThePharmacyCo