Persue’s Runaway BunnyKitty Train!

This last Friday, Dave “Persue” Ross unveiled his latest body of works featuring BunnyKitty at Inner State Gallery. The exhibition, Inertia, held many unique pieces. Today we are featuring some of those pieces on 1xRUN. We have a super limited stock of BunnyKitty plush toys and 4 screen printed wood-cut panels.
I was working on my show “Inertia” and I came up with this sketch of Bunny Kitty riding on top of a subway train. I take the G train to my studio here in NYC. I thought it was fitting to turn the train into the G train. It is probably one of the most unpredictable trains in the city. BunnyKitty and the train are on a wild ride and you can see their excitement on their faces. -Persue
Have a look at the process photos and score a BunnyKitty of your very own!

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