Prefab77 Takes An Eye For An Eyrie With Latest HPMs

Prefab77 returns with their latest series An Eye For An Eyrie available in 4 individually hand-painted colorways and 1 oversized edition all available exclusively on 1xRUN. Each totem in the series is uniquely hand-painted and ready to hang and promises to be one of Prefab77’s most sought after. Read on to see process photos from their latest series along with our new interview with the duo, and be sure to snag yours before they are gone right here on 1xRUN


1x: Tell us a little bit about these pieces, anything immediate you would like us to highlight about them?
Prefab77: We have always loved the portrait, our current style is one of mixing allegorical portraiture with our hard, fast edged style, often with secret messages, religious affiliations and pop iconography woven into the art. We have explored the Totemic style in this release to carry these messages and to create a visually beautiful way to express an abstract idea or to convey and meaning not explicitly set out in the narrative. Like a really good 3 minute pop/rock track in can be a fable, a story or a Warning!

1x: Were these pieces part of a recent theme, series or show that you had? If so how did they fit into that given grouping?
Prefab77: We first explored this theme and format at our ‘Happiness is Expensive show at the Hoxton Gallery in London and continued at our ‘Unmasked’ show at the Interstate gallery in Detroit. At both shows we explored the allegorical theme in print, paper and canvass but it was the first time we’d explored in a 3-D format. It proved immensely popular.


1x: What materials were these pieces created with?
Prefab77: The material is laser etched Valchromat, a heavy alloyed wood that has an archival quality, hand painted, stenciled and printed.

1x: When were these pieces created?
Prefab77: Some of the elements we have drawn in from the first work we ever did! We like to bring a continuity to our work and an evolution by adding layer upon layer of icons and images that not only tell a story but have provenance and link back to earlier work.


1x: Tell us how the idea and execution came about for this series?
Prefab77: We have always been fascinated with the portrait or people, gods, myths, legends whether modern like Joe Strummer or ancient like Apollo and love the Elizabethan style portrait that cram as many messages into the portrait as they can, the status of the family, the origins of their wealth and sometimes the finger to their enemies or established religion. I wanted to explore a vehicle that can be monumental and looming in scale or can sit nicely in someones small collection. I think we’ve achieved it well in this series.

1x: How long did each piece take?  What is unique about this series compared with your other work?
Prefab77: Our process is long as each piece have many layers to paint, dry, paint and print but the effect is well worth it. What is unique about these pieces is the fact that it isn’t a 2-D canvas or print.


1x: Why should people buy one of these pieces?
Prefab77: The format, being 3-D you can pick it up and roll it around in your hands which gives and enormous sense of satisfaction, a 2-d surface is lovely to sit back and view but these have a tactility we would like to explore in other mediums.  We also know that space is a premium in most peoples apartments and houses and these fit so well in the spaces you couldn’t ever fit a print or a canvas.

1x: Describe this series in one gut reaction word.
Prefab77: Worth it.

1x: It’s been a few since we caught up, what have you guys been up to this year?
Prefab77: We have been in the studio perfecting the look of our style and technique which is resulting in the studio releasing a much more grown up and dynamic body of work which we are testing in group shows this year.

1x: What recent strides do you think you’ve been making with your work as of late?
Prefab77: We are growing up! We are a lot more measured and have a clear understanding where our career path lies, partnering with the dynamism of galleries and connecting more with fellow artist and people in the industry, this is showing in our work which is starting to blossom and is creating demand.

1x: Any influences new or old that you have been playing with lately?
Prefab77: Actually back to the old, we have been experimenting with cleaner patterns but have been connecting back to our original ripped and torn roots, people looking at our new work can see a direct descent from our original Skingirl and Intruder work but a lot more sophisticated.

1x: Any big shows or events coming up that you’d like to share?
Prefab77: A collab with our friends at Graffiti Prints, groups shows at Urban in Ibiza, Vertical Gallery Chicago, 212 gallery, and a group show coming up with Nick Walker, Eelus, Martin Watson, Pure Evil et al at the Westbank Gallery. Also, a few that we are in discussion about but 2017 will be BIG!

1x: Where else can people find you?
Prefab77: WebsiteInstagram @prefab77 – FacebookFlickr@prefab77