Remembering Ricky Powell, The Original Lazy Hustler

Today we learned about the passing of a golden age hero, a legend of his own making, a friend, and ultimately, a true collaborator: Ricky Powell

Ricky once told me that he doesn’t just take a photo; his photos are a “collaboration of the people on both sides of the camera.” This is what made Ricky different from other photographers, and what made his approach to the craft so unique. 

Over the years, we’ve had some really amazing experiences with Ricky. He shared so much of himself and his view of the world with us while we worked late nights making prints, talking about history and the future, having fun. 

Many of you have been so lucky as to share in his story by collecting a piece of Ricky’s life immortalized in the many editions that we published together since 2015. Now, we have all become a part of the Rickster’s story. 

Rest in Peace! 

Jesse Cory, CEO & Co-Founder