Remio Visits Detroit Freezin’ Cold

This past winter, infamous artist Remio made the pilgrimage to Detroit to work on some projects with 1xRUN and for some extracurricular activities with some friends. 1xRUN photographer and writer Mike Popso caught up with the prolific graffiti writer and snapped some photos and video of Remio working both in the studio and out on the streets creating a massive body of work for 1xRUN. Read on for photos and a video compilation from Mike Popso documenting Remio’s winter visit to Detroit…


I will start by saying, honestly I have never been that cold in my life! I’m not really sure if the video and experience was can illustrate that.  I showed up to work that day expecting to be in the office with the furnace on. I had no long johns, one thin pair of socks and thin jeans on. Not exactly graffiti attire, let alone -15 degree windchill weather. I figured Remio would back out since he lives in a bit warmer climate. Turns out he was raised in Norway and wasn’t phased by the cold. We roll out 4 deep, get to the wall and my hands are trembling instantly. I really didn’t have a clue how Begr, Haeler and Remio held a spray paint can. My hands and lips were purple and I was dizzy from the blood trying to reach my extremities. But all in all their pieces turned out fresh and we walked away without a hospital visit.  I often ask myself being a writer, “is what I’m doing worth it?” Does putting my safety, health and freedom in jeopardy add up to anything? Most of the time it really doesn’t. But when I look back on the fun and crazy shit I got into, it most definitely was and still is.  You can’t duplicate the feeling. Much like the feeling of painting with Remio and company.  One for the record books, that’s for sure.

remio-blog-04Remio-Begr-Hael_2 Remio-Begr-Hael_5 Remio-Begr-Hael_6 Remio-Begr-Hael_8 Remio-Begr-Hael_11-copy

Begr, Remy and Haeler cold chillin’.


After we painted in sub zero weather, Remio knocked out a half dozen originals in the Inner State Gallery.

remio-Innerstate-7 Remio-InnerState-walls_1

Dude likes to tag on everything for hours on end!

Remio-InnerState-walls Remio-InnerState-walls_2

When he wasn’t painting outside Remio was finishing his hand embellished wood cut outs.

remio-blog-03 remio-blog-02 remio-blog-01

So just when I thought that the weather in Detroit couldn’t possible get any colder, it did. Much colder, 8 degrees colder and that may not sound like much, but when you’re standing still and concentrating on painting it felt like God was laughing at me. Kuma, Pear, Meme, and Begr scooped up Remio and myself early in the morning.  We found a chill spot and got to work, no time for lingering around.  I tried to paint in between filming but wasn’t successful.  I guess I’m getting old and don’t care to lose a finger.  After painting this spot a few things were made clear. First thing is I’m moving some place warm next winter and the second thing is I can’t keep up with these heavy hitters!!!

Remio-InnerState-walls_8 Remio-InnerState-walls_9 Remio-InnerState-walls_12

Pear painted a Weezy piece for Wyse who is currently locked up.

Remio-InnerState-walls_13 Remio-InnerState-walls_17 Remio-InnerState-walls_18 Remio-InnerState-walls_21  remio- remio-_1

I hope you enjoy the video because I froze my ass off. Plain and simple.

View available work from Remio here.


Photos, video & words by Mike Popso.