Review: Cyrcle’s Nothing Exists! @ Station 16

In between his coverage of Mural Festival 2015, our man Daniel Weintraub took some time to head over to Cyrcle’s latest exhibition at Montreal’s Station 16 gallery. Read on for his review and photos from their latest exhibition Nothing Exists! and if you haven’t yet, be sure to pick up the Nothing Exists! book here before they are gone!

When I first entered Cyrcle’s show I was happy to see same imagery and a color scheme that was similar to the mural recently put up in my neighborhood of Bushwick, Brooklyn.







Multiple styles of pieces contained bold typeface in the same color throughout the gallery that transitions into glow in the dark if you happen to catch the gallery with the lights off.





cyrcle-nothing-exists-montreal-1xrun-station16-halopig-17Faith47 and Rabi from Cyrcle


I figured the best way for me to get a feel for the show was to ask the people standing around the gallery what they thought. While it wasn’t opening night, Mural Festival was still in full swing so there were a few people to talk to.




I ended up talking with 3 different Doug’s who were all fans of Cyrcle’s latest work. That’s when I figured I should just take pics and let them speak for themselves. Doug, age 37 from Montreal, was enamored with the sculptural work and was very happy he was allowed to spin the piece freely.



Doug, age 29 from Chicago, was in town to see his family but wanted to stop by to grab a copy of the 1xRun produced book and possibly meet the artists.



I’m not good at critically reviewing shows, never have been. I love them all, well, not all but you know, I’m a lover not a fighter.


Words and photos by 1xRUN Contributor Daniel Weintraub – follow him @halopigg

Be sure to pick up your copy of Cyrcle’s Nothing Exists! before they are gone, limited to just 450, each book is signed and numbered by Cyrcle, pick yours up here!