Saturday Salon Conversations With Brett Amory, Lucien Shapiro, Shaun Roberts & Derek Weisberg

This Saturday, March 26th Inner State Gallery will be hosting our first Saturday Salon Conversation with Brett Amory Lucien Shapiro, Shaun Roberts and Derek Weisberg, four friends from the San Francisco art movement that create multi-dimensional work and are each individually very accomplished members of the 1xFamily. The four artists will be sharing their work, discussing gentrification and how it affected their art community of San Francisco, and discussing their creative process. The event will be from 1-4pm, we encourage you to join us! RSVP here.


We will also screening ‘Analects’ his a new 3 part film created Lucien Shapiro Shaun Roberts. Following the screening Shapiro will perform a live ceremony where he addresses the audience, asking them to “place a fear in my Fear Relinquishing Vessel.” These fears will be kept safe as Shapiro travels, and end with a final fire ceremony where he releases all of the fears he has collected on the journey.


“This project is a way to look inward and face my own fears while allowing you to do the same. I am not claiming to take them away but am  allowing you a place to rid them if you are willing,” says Shapiro.

RSVP on Facebook here and be sure to join us!