SprATX + 1xRUN Team Up For X-Games Austin


This year SprATX and 1xRUN have teamed up to present the X-Games Austin 2016 Featured Artist Print Series! Curated by 1xRUN and SprATX three new editions will be available on 1xRUN beginning Thursday, June 2nd, as well as, onsite at the Austin X-Games! The 2016 lineup includes featured artists Brian Butler, Paul Jackson and Matt Gondek. If you’re in Austin, be sure to swing by the X-Games and check out the massive two-story art house created by SprATX that will feature unique prints as only 1xRUN can provide! Read on for more info on the X-Games Austin 2016 featured artists…



Fear And Loathing At Hotel Amor by Brian Butler – Click To Purchase


D’Oh! by Matt Gondek – Click To Purchase


Lady Of The Palybug Mansion by Paul Jackson – Click To Purchase

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SprATX is an art collective based in Austin, Texas. They have worked with over 50 established artists peppered around the United States. A family of street artists, muralists and creative energies dedicated to increasing awareness and knowledge of the positive power of art.

We are so honored to be a part of something so epic.  Our job is to support artists and foster their creative potential. How awesome is that? We get to be creative, help other people, and work with the people we love.  SprATX came to life while screen-printing artist t-shirts in the back of a warehouse and now we are stoked to be working with companies like 1xRUN, ESPN, X-Games and Disney,” SprATX Co-founder Molly Maroney said from their Austin gallery.
In addition local artists Fish, Random Direction, Gomer and RoshiK will showcase new editions printed by 1xRUN on site at the two-story installation at the Austin X-Games!

So Close by Fish



Funk You by Random Direction



Things by Gomer



Undotime Aim by RoshiK

Be sure to follow all the action this weekend by following @1xRUN and @SprATX.