Studio Visit: Monica Canilao – Curator For Alchemy

Opening July 10th at Inner State Gallery Alchemy , curated by artist Monica Canilao and features over 40 diverse artists including Doze Green and Swoon.

Canilao herself exists within a community of creators, and for Alchemy she has selected artists who wield this magical power to transform their surroundings, and materials before them, into useful and beautiful objects. These contributing artists practice everyday alchemy within their lives and creative practice, revealing artwork that flows from one state to another manifesting magical transformation and combining media to create something new. Metal is reshaped and welded into tools, fabric is woven from plant to thread into clothing, tree to wood to shelter. Seed to food for life. Focused creative energy is birthed from dreams of the maker.

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Participating Artists For Alchemy Include:
– Aminah Slor – Amy Small – Bunnie Reiss – Conrad Carlson – Elena Stonaker – Faythe Levine –
– Kyle Ranson – Monica Canilao – Swoon – Amanda Stone – Andrew Schrock – Angela Fox –
– Ben Mortimer – Ben Wolf – Brooke Little – Cannon Dill – Chyrstie Cappelli – David D’Andrea –
– Dennis Mcnett – Diana Umaña – Doze Green – Greg Henderson – Heidi Tullmann – John Law –
– Julia Solis – Juliette Oken – Kevin Earl Taylor – Kim Boekbinder – Lauren Napolitano –
– Leighton Kelly – Louise Chen – Meredith Younger – Michael Garlington – MRSA –
– Nicomi Nix Turner – Ryan Doyle + Zarah Acherman – Sarah Sitkin – Serena Cole –
– Serra Victoria Bothwell Fells – Steve Valdez – Swampy – Therin Brooks – VNESSWOLDCHILD –

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Alchemy will involve a combination of flat work and installation. Like historical alchemists who relied heavily upon their dreams, inspirations and visions for guidance in perfecting their art. Invited artists will be showing new work steeped in mysticism and mystery.

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Friday July 10th, 2015
Inner State Gallery Presents Alchemy
Curated by Monica Canilo

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Curators statement by Monica Canilao – follow her @__moreferalthan__

Photos by 1xRUN Contributing Photographer Colin M. Day – follow him @seatsontitanic