Take A Look Inside Sheryo & The Yok’s Immersive Ping-Pong Auto Shack

Powerhouse duo Sheryo & The Yok have been hard at work here in Detroit, as they recently completed their massive immersive Ping-Ping Auto Shack for 1xRUN’s Murals In The Market 2016! The globetrotting graffiti artists returned to Detroit after nearly a year, and have been tirelessly at work creating the immersive auto shack/tattoo parlor/solo art exhibition featuring nearly 40 new pieces of original artwork all collected to form the massive walk-in shack! In case that wasn’t enough the duo collaborated with a local neon artists to bring two of their characters to life, and when they weren’t making new art on the walls Sheryo was busy tattooing artists arms for the fest. Never a dull moment for these two. Read on to check out a behind the scenes look with photos and video below and be sure to find your favorites and shop Ping-Pong’s Auto Shack right here






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Photos by HaloPigg, Emad Rashidi, Leah Dale
Video by Selina Miles & Emad Rashidi