Tavar Zawacki aka Above Remixes The Quin Hotel In New York City

Tavar Zawacki aka Above has been nothing if not prolific the last few years. His recent Remix showcased dozens of intricately crafted pieces and showcased the tireless work ethic of the California born artist created at the 1xRUN Residency here in Detroit.  Heading to the Big Apple, Above’s most recent solo exhibition took place at New York City’s Quin Hotel showcases several of his Remix works. Read on to take a look…

“Above has separated from many of his peers in the street art community with a move from figurative expression to geometric abstraction. He’s really one of the only artists in the street art movement speaking with this style of voice,” Quin Arts curator DK Johnston said.This exhibition features 36 works of handmade sculptural relief, using acrylic and resin on wood. In addition, Above is also planning to inaugurate a graffiti courtyard within the hotel during his residency, calling to mind his large-scale outdoor works.He’s always thinking upwards, with an optimism and enthusiasm that resonates.”

Photos by Matthew Eller with StreetArt News