Tes One’s “Stand Our Ground” Featured On Huffington Post

Tes One’s latest RUN “Stand Our Ground” is currently featured on the Huffington Post alongside 7 other artist’s prints in homage to Trayvon Martin.

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Run #00201 // Mar 29, 2012 - Apr 04, 2012 - Stand Our Ground by Tes One

Like millions of others, when Tes One first heard of the Trayvon Martin tragedy, he was appalled at every circumstance. The questions of how this could happen / why did this happen, continue to swirl when no answers have been given at all.

As a resident of Florida, Tes One felt inspired and compelled to create an image that symbolizes the struggle and visually interprets the message so many Americans feel about the Trayvon Martin tragedy.

All proceeds from the release of “Stand Our Ground” will be donated to the Justice for Trayvon Charity and their advocacy efforts.

Here for his first RUN is graffiti artists and graphic designer Tes One. We recently had a chance to talk with Tes One about his latest RUN “Stand Our Ground.” Read on for the 1xRUN Thru Interview with Tes One and check out “Stand Our Ground” at 1xRUN.com. 100% of the proceeds will go to Justice For Trayvon Martin.

1xRUN: Do you want to give me a little background on yourself?

Tes One: I’m an artist out of Tampa, Florida, and I’ve been creating art as my living for quite a while now. Working in paintings and graphic design. I started as a graffiti artist in the early 90s, then my art evolved into something else. I’m never really sure how to explain it. It’s a mix of my background in graffiti art and my graphic design aesthetic. I do art for myself and occasionally for clients, and I really enjoy it. This is my first print release with 1xRUN and I’m happy to be working with you guys.

1xRUN: Same here, we’re really excited as well. Do you want to touch on maybe some of your earlier influences from when you first got started and also what some of your current influences are?

Tes One: I have a wide range of influences from my life and the things I’ve been into. When I started out as a graffiti artist, I remember really working hard at it and to have the respect of my peers, to be known as a graffiti artist. Where I’m from in Tampa there wasn’t much in the way of graffiti; that was something that you would only find in other cities. When I was younger it was something that completely captivated me, I loved the medium and I loved being a part of it. It wasn’t until years later that I realized graffiti doesn’t summarize everything that I am creatively. It was a strange discovery period for me – to come to terms with the fact that I wanted to do things creatively other then graffiti.

I started exploring painting and graphic design. Working in minimalism and finding inspiration is artists such as Saul Bass and Milton Glaser. Developing an appreciation for simple and effective design / composition, and applyingthat to the work I create.

1xRUN: Do you want to talk about what were your initial thoughts when the Trayvon Martin story broke?

Tes One: Sure, I think just like everyone, wherever you were when you heard the story it was one of those things that kinda hits you in the chest. How this tragic, terrible story could be anybody’s son or daughter, anybody in America could unfortunately fall under these circumstances because this law is so poorly written and exploited. It’s not protecting people, it’s doing the exact opposite. The law has created a loophole for aggressors to get away with murder. That’s what I tried to point out in “Stand Our Ground”. It was something that I really felt compelled to do what I could, to help spread the awareness of what this law is and how it affects all of us.

Run #00201 // Mar 29, 2012 – Apr 04, 2012 – Stand Our Ground by Tes One

1xRUN: So about how long did this take? Did you see the news story and get started immediately? How did the execution take place?

Tes One: As ambitious as I may be to create something and get involved in various issues, I try to allow inspiration to find me rather then force something. In the case of the Trayvon Martin tragedy, I was instantlyinspired. From the initial concept to the finished work, the piece was completed in a day. 1xRUN is playing a huge part in broadcasting the work with others and assisting the Martin Family in their pursuit for justice.

To donate to Trayvon Green’s family click here

To see “Stand Our Ground” on 1xRUN click here

More about Tes One – TesOne.com or on Facebook & Twitter @TesOne

All proceeds from “Stand Our Ground” will benefit Justice Trayvon Martin Charity.