The Yin & Yang Of LA Graffiti Legend Risk’s Overdone Simplicity

We welcome back the one, the only Risk as he brings us Overdone Simplicity, an edition created from a massive canvas made for the Outside In exhibition at the Art Center College of Design in celebration of their 85th year anniversary this past October. This piece blends Risk’s signature use of aerosol and car paint for work that is uniquely him. Be sure to check out the entire POW! WOW! x 1xRUN print suite and grab an edition from Overdone Simplicity here! Read to find out more about Risk’s latest edition and his thoughts on POW! WOW! Hawaii 2016 leading in…

1x: Tell us a little bit about this piece, anything immediate you would like us to highlight?
Risk: This piece was done for the Outside In exhibition at the Art Center College of Design in celebration of their 85th year anniversary. I also painted a wall on the campus. This wall was the first permanent mural on the campus. I was very honored.

1x: Was this piece part of a recent theme, series or show that you had? If so how did it fit into that given grouping?
Risk: This piece is the first in a new series I am working on this year. I was trying to merge the rigid precise lines and pallet of car painting with the freestyle raw approach of graffiti lettering. While utilizing both mediums.

1x: When was this piece created and what materials were used?
Risk: I did this piece from September – October of 2015. I used car paints and enamel aerosol, along with layers of metal flake and transparent Kandy tints and pearls.

1x: Tell us a little bit about your process and how the idea and execution came about?
Risk: It’s just kind of what I do. Without reciting my whole bio…I like to use materials, from California car and surf culture while staying true to graffiti roots, recycling or re-purposing materials all the same. My work is a constant juxtaposition of color theory. The work depicts an ethereal Yin and Yang quality visually and conceptually. This time, the opposites of car paints and procedures mixed with the immediate gratification of Spray paint, attract and crate a “over done simplicity”.

1x: How long did this piece take from start to finish?
Risk: On and off over 2 months

1x: What do you feel is unique about this piece compared to your other work?
Risk: The piece is unique because it’s the first time I did traditional graffiti with primarily custom car culture materials

1x: Describe this piece with one gut reactionary word.
Risk: Energy.

1x: What are your expectation this year for POW!WOW! Hawaii?
Risk: Wow.  My expectations for POW! WOW! are to connect with a group of artist in a different place, some artists new to me and some very close old friends. I’m looking forward to this and also to letting the culture kind of lead me in a direction I’m not accustomed to. I am familiar with Hawaii, every time I go, I tap into a different layer of self-awareness and consciousness of the world around me. I have never painted there. I am excited to paint in this state of mind.

1x: Without giving away too much, what are your plans for your mural out in Honolulu?
Risk: My outdoor murals are color field paintings and they are meant to evoke emotion with color. I also try to take in the surrounding environment and incorporate and or use something existing. For this one I might incorporate the first word that comes to mind when I think of Hawaii but still paint in the same vein as my outdoor murals.


Outsidein Mural by Risk

1x: Any of the participating artists on this year’s roster you are excited to see painting?
Risk: All of them.

1x: What’s your schedule like after POW!WOW! 2016? Any big shows or events coming up that you’d like to share?
Risk: I’m pretty busy. With opening the new gallery and trying to create a few bodies of work this year I will be in the studio non-stop. I am also exhibiting in a New Orleans museum show that is very special to me because it’s my hometown. I have a few very large mural projects home in Los Angeles as well. I am also involved in a network project that I can’t talk about at this time but I can tell you it’s not a reality show or contest or anything like that! Its going to be a crazy year…

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1xRUN: Where else can people find you? – Social Media Links
Risk: WebsiteFacebook @Riskrock – Twitter @ogrisk – Instagram @riskrock –