Luke Chueh Brings Damaged Goods To Detroit

We are excited to welcome in Los Angeles artist Luke Chueh who joins us this April at Inner State Gallery for his latest solo exhibition Damaged Goods which will be opening on April 22nd. Click here to check out the entire exhibition and read on for more information on Luke’s upcoming solo exhibition at Inner State Gallery…


Inner State Gallery is proud to announce Damaged Goods an expansive exhibition by prolific new contemporary multi-media artist Luke Chueh. This entirely new body of work will feature a gallery wide takeover, opening to the public on Friday, April 22nd in Detroit’s Historic Eastern Market. After working with Inner State Gallery’s fine art publisher 1xRUN since their inception in 2011, Chueh has watched the company become one of the contemporary art world’s most prolific, with nearly 1500 releases and counting.

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“For many years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with 1xRUN, and I’ve seen them grow and diversify. For this show, I want to create an exhibition that I could only pull off with Inner State & 1xRUN. In order to do that I took full advantage of the tools and technology that they have in their on site studio. From silkscreen reproduction, to hand-embellished prints, to laser cut editions, this show will truly push the boundary of the kind of artwork I’ve created and explore the merging of art and commerce,” Chueh said while working in from his Los Angeles studios.


For the last 20 years, Chueh has remained a fixture of the contemporary art movement, straddling the line between fine art, lowbrow, limited edition vinyl toys and fine art prints engaging each segment with an equally devoted fanbase. In addition to creating accessible works for collectors of all price points, Damaged Goods will also feature 15 of Chueh’s signature paintings and characters.

“As a working artist, I’m constantly dividing my time between the development of my studio art and the production of various products inspired by that artwork. I’m always searching for ways to re-interpret the stories and characters in my paintings and take advantage of collector trends, whether it be limited edition prints, or art toys,” Chueh said.

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Damaged Goods promises to be a show for the ages with over a dozen new paintings, hand-painting multiples, prints, toys and more.

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Click here to check out available works from Luke Chueh’s Damaged Goods and be sure to join us April 22nd!