Follow 10 Of The Trust The Shooter Photographers On Instagram

In case you missed it, we just wrapped up an amazing exhibition Trust The Shooter™ participating photographers on exhibition at Inner State Gallery. Curated by Detroit photographers Jeremy Deputat and Rick Williams, this exhibition examines a global pedigree of contemporary urban photography. As the visual world has expanded, these skilled shooters continue to separate themselves, spearheading a global movement with a unique point of view and imagery captured through the lens of a seasoned photographer. Instagram is a huge part of the reason these photographers are well-known, turning their photography into a career and finding new ways of growing their exposure as well as growing as artists. Most importantly, here’s where to follow their work:

1) Brian Willette – Grab Willette’s Trust The shooter edition “After Bereavement” on 1xRUN

2) Camera Jesus – Grab CameraJesus’ Trust The shooter “Behind The Blades” on 1xRUN

A photo posted by Joe Gall (@camera_jesus) on

3) Cole Younger – Grab Younger’s Trust The Shooter edition “Below Zero” on 1xRUN

A photo posted by Los Angeles (@cole_younger_) on

4) Insighting –  Grab Insighting’s Trust The Shooter edition “Zenith” on 1xRUN

A photo posted by @insighting on

5) Jayscale –  Grab Jayscale’s Trust The Shooter edition “Above Ground” on 1xRUN

A photo posted by Toronto (@jayscale) on

6) Jason M Peterson – Grab Peterson’s Trust The Shooter edition “I Promised Myself I’d Never Feel This Fucking Way Again” – on 1xRUN

7) Misshattan – Grab Misshattan’s “The Empire Strikes Back” on 1xRUN

A photo posted by Misshattan (@misshattan) on

8) Pete Williams – Grab William’s “New Atlantis”  on 1xRUN

9) Steve Sweatpants –  Grab Sweatpants’ Trust The Shooter edition “Everyday Struggle” on 1xRUN

A photo posted by irby 🎣 (@stevesweatpants) on

10) Ta-Ku – Grab Ta-Ku’s Trust The Shooter edition “Skytree” on 1xRUN

A photo posted by Ta-ku (@takubeats) on

11) Van Styles – Grab Styles Trust The Shooter Edition “Decisive Moment” – on 1xRUN

A photo posted by Van Styles (@vanstyles) on

12) Rick Williams – Grab Williams’ Trust The Shooter edition “Broadway Bullies” on 1xRUN

13) Jeremy Deputat – Grab Deputat’s Trust The Shooter edition “DBC” on 1xRUN

Click to view and shop the entire Trust The Shooter™ exhibition here.