Tyree Guyton’s Face-ology Comes To Inner State Gallery August 13th

Opening August 13th at Inner State Gallery, Detroit’s Tyree Guyton will celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Heidelberg Project with his latest solo exhibition Face-ology a career spanning showcase, featuring new works by the founder and creative force of the city’s most iconic public art installation.

Face-ology is a reflection of everything that is changing about Detroit; the face of the landscape, the face of the people and even my own face. This show also talks about the challenges we face as a nation. I’m revealing what’s underneath the face—I’m pulling off the covers,” Guyton said from his Detroit studio.

Face-ology is a new body of work including works on paper that capture the faces and emotions of the community that continue to shape Guyton’s world. Caricature-styled imagery that completely eludes any reference to race or ethnicity, Guyton’s faces are consistent through his bold use of colors and his signature wide-toothed grins. However, this work is layered with an intense and hauntingly raw ambiguity that draws you in and takes you on a journey. Guyton’s faces have been his most iconic and most-collected series throughout his career.

Throughout the month of August, the Heidelberg Project and Guyton will partner with Inner State Gallery and fine art publisher 1xRUN to host a series of events, beginning with a special 30th anniversary fundraising celebration and special preview on August 12th. Collectors and Heidelberg Project supporters will have first view of Face-ology which includes a block party-styled strolling buffet, drinks, a Guyton Roast and more.

The following weekend, will consist of a “shop talk” featuring Guyton and three Detroit artists including, Olayami Dabls, Carlos Nielbock and Bob Sestok with the Social Club on August 19th. August 20 features a funky Heidelberg Block Party with a 1xRUN Pop-Up Boutique and closing out the month is a Wellness Weekend including yoga sessions and more at the Heidelberg Project on August 26th and 27th.

“We are celebrating 30 years of making social change through art in many ways,” Heidelberg Project Executive Director Jenenne Whitfield said. “We’re creating partnerships and wrapping our arms around Detroit artists and we are also making great art and promoting Detroit as THE place to buy great art. Guyton’s work is not slick and shiny, it’s raw and it’s real and that makes it great!”

Upcoming August Line-up:

August 12th / 6:30 PM, Collector’s Preview / Heidelberg 30th anniversary celebration. This is a private ticketed event $100. Inner State Gallery, 1410 Gratiot, Detroit MI

August 13th / 7-10 PM, Public reception of Guyton’s new work Face-ology. This event is be free and open to the public. Inner State Gallery, 1410 Gratiot, Detroit MI

August 19th – 6-8 PM, Shop talk with the Social Club featuring Tyree Guyton, Olayami Dabls, Carlos Nielbock and Bob Sestok. Heidelberg Project, 3600 Heidelberg St, Detroit MI

August 20th / – 5-9:30pm Heidelberg Block Party featuring 1XRUN Pop-up Boutique at Heidelberg Project, 3600 Heidelberg St, Detroit, MI

Throughout his life, Guyton has been a leader in the Detroit art community, with his influence stretching around the globe, evidenced by the number of documentaries, books, museum exhibitions and speaking engagements regarding his work. Guyton has influenced countless artists through his immersive installations as well as his fierce determination to stand for art. Join us as we look back on 30 years and look forward to Guyton’s next phase.

For additional information  and to join the Advanced Collector’s Preview email [email protected] or call 313-744-6505.