Watch The Trailer For JR’s Short Film Ellis Starring Robert De Niro

From November 9th-22nd, artists, activists, educators and passionate individuals across the country will host screenings and discussion of Ellis, a new short film directed by prolific French artist JR.  The 14-minute film gives viewers an immersive look at JR’s recent site specific installations placed throughout the now abandoned New York City landmark of Ellis Island. Starring and narrated by Academy Award Winner Robert De Niro, the short film was written by Academy Award winner Eric Roth.

Read on to find out more about Ellis, along with photos from the Ellis Island installation and the Ellis trailer. Also, be sure to check out local screenings in your area, and if you are in the Detroit area be sure to RSVP and join us at Inner State Gallery on November 14th to check out our screening for Ellis.

In a statement on the Ellis website JR writes: “The short narrative film, Ellis, awakens our collective memory. Leaving their past behind them, immigrants fleeing poverty, discrimination, dictatorship arrived there. Ellis Island was the gateway to the United States for millions of immigrants. Upon arrival, they were processed, approved or denied access. Due to sickness or simply tiredness, many were placed in the hospital. A purgatory of sorts, in the shadow of the Statue of Liberty, where thousands of men, women and children awaited their fate.

Ellis tells the forgotten story of these immigrants who built America while questioning about those who currently seek the same opportunities and safety in this country and other parts of the world.”


JR and Robert De Niro at Ellis Island





Read on to see more installation photos from JR’s Ellis







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