Who Is Copyright? An Inside Look into The Mysterious UK Pop-Artist


“I mostly paint fierce women”, reads the Bristol-based artist’s Instagram bio. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves –– Copyright’s vibrant street art is often characterized by a woman’s silhouette captured in a kaleidoscopic scene of butterflies, Disney characters, and the occasional Lichtenstein-style kaboom. The figures in his art are always left colorless, highlighting a stark contrast with an electric background and a vibrant dress. 

“I’m always thinking, if my paintings were songs what would they sound like? Often I’ll be listening to a song and it’ll give me an idea for a painting. All it takes is a phrase, or sometimes I’ll come up with a particular profound emotion and try to depict it as an image in the same way a musician would in a song.” –Copyright


Copyright’s print designs are always intriguing, but his distinct street art style truly shines when he paints. In his upcoming “Elegance Rising” series, an exclusive release with 1xRUN, the artist brings a simple screen print to life with elaborate acrylic and spray paint embellishments. Elegance Rising will be available in three variant editions of 13 (titled “Sunshine”, “Metallic Copper”, and “Butterfly Wings”), yet each print is uniquely hand-painted; no two are exactly the same. Using an elaborate stenciling technique, Copyright creates intricate designs that place 20th century pop art within a contemporary street art context.

[“Elegance Rising” is] hand-painted and printed by me on a setup I made using materials I found in a skip. ‘Elegance Rising’ represents profound beauty found in the likely and also unlikely places. The morning sunrise over a city, the beating of a butterfly’s wing, decaying advertising posters on a dirty building. –Copyright

Copyright’s Elegance Rising series drops Tuesday, October 15. Don’t miss your opportunity to become one of only 13 collectors to snag Elegance Rising before it’s gone.