1xRUN Retrospective: 10 Years of Movement

1xRUN artist Kevin Lyons is the official Artist-in-Residence at this year’s Movement Festival Detroit. This weekend, Lyons’ music-loving monsters will come to life in the form of a massive mural and freestanding wood sculptures in the center of Hart Plaza.

WDET radio personality and columnist Ryan Patrick Hooper profiles Lyons and his beautiful installation in the Detroit Free Press:

“There’s an energetic rhythm that radiates from Lyons’ line work and the color palette of his characters — and that’s because a love of music bleeds into the DNA of the pieces.” 

Read the full article HERE!

A Retrospective:

1xRUN has collaborated with the music festival since its inception, providing life-size, interactive art installations that bring techno’s heavy bounce into the physical realm. It all began in 2009 when 1xRUN was called “Ohm Digital”, and Detroit artist Mark Arminski released a limited edition of 100 screen prints as official Movement merchandise. Since then, 1xRUN has worked hard to give its artists the center stage almost every year.

Detroit-based fine artist and legendary car designer Camilo Pardo created the official poster for Movement 2012, released as a limited edition of 50. Ron Zakrin followed with his design of the official Movement 2013 print, “Transmission”.


Movement 2016 was the first year that 1xRUN facilitated a live art installation in Hart Plaza as an interactive part of the festival.

Watch below to see Italian artist 2501 install a massive mural and a live, moving canvas that allowed for active contributions from festival goers.

German artist 1010 brought his signature portal-like murals to the Pyramid Stage at Movement 2017.

Ouizi was 1xRUN’s Artist-in-Residence at Movement 2018. She created a three-dimensional “Movement Shrine” featuring a mural, sculptures, and hanging installations:

This bring us to Movement 2019 with artist Kevin Lyons!



Read his profile in the Detroit Free Press HERE!