Jesus Benitez Joins 1xRUN For Detroit Residency

With our celebratory Cinco de Mayo exhibition opening May 8th, 1xRUN is extremely excited to welcome artist Jesús Benítez who joins us from Mexico City’s Fifty24MX gallery. Benítez has been working relentlessly both on the streets as well as in the studio, putting in work at a new mural at Garage Cultural in Southwest Detroit and creating new sketches and originals for the upcoming group exhibition. Based in Southwest Detroit, Garage Cultural is a community arts education collective with a mission to create and operate a variety of self-sustaining arts/entertainment events and educational programs to the residents of its communities and a big thanks goes out to them for providing Benítez with the opportunity! Read on for an inside look at the 1xRUN / Inner State artist residency as 1xRUN photographer Sal Rodriguez captured Benítez at his wall during a community wall blessing, working in the studio and more…

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Stay tuned for more as 1xNEWS will be in Southwest Detroit all week as Saner, Marka27 and Freddy Diaz all head over to start brand new murals in the heart of Detroit’s historic Mexican-American community. See full coverage of the Cinco de Mayo exhibition and the finished murals here and don’t forget to view the entire show on 1xRUN now!