LAX/DTW Opens With Over 90 New Works

This past Saturday June, 6th 1xRUN and Inner State Gallery opened up for LAX/DTW curated by the fine folks over at Thinkspace gallery. Crowds flowed through the gallery all night to check out the massive show which featured over 90 new pieces of original artwork from some of contemporary artwork’s finest.  Check out installation and opening night photos below and see 90+ works on 1xRUN today!

DETLAX39DETLAX37Inner State Gallery Opens Up For LAX/DTW Curated By ThinkspaceDETLAX34 DETLAX35Over 90 New Original Artworks From Contemporary Art’s Best Available Now @ 1xRUN DETLAX32Featured Artist Stephanie Buer with Andrew & Shawn Hosner of ThinkspaceDETLAX33 DETLAX36DETLAX20Works from (R-L) NoseGo, Jim Houser, Meggs & Ekundayo
Luke Chueh, Peter AdamyanKojiro Ankan Takakuwa & CuriotDETLAX40 DETLAX41 DETLAX31Naturel With His Latest Work For LAX/DTW – Available On 1xRUNDETLAX16 DETLAX17 DETLAX18 DETLAX19 DETLAX21 DETLAX22 DETLAX24 DETLAX25New Works From Featured Artist Liz Brizzi – Available Now On 1xRUNDETLAX50

View The Entire LAX/DTW Exhibition On 1xRUN Now!

DETLAX01 DETLAX02 DETLAX03 DETLAX04Liz BrizziCraig ‘Skibs’ Barker, Rodrigo Luff, Jolene Lai & Frank Gonzales
Derek Gores, Nick Jaskey, Bec Winnel, Dan-ah Kim & Adam CaldwellDETLAX05Curiot, Jacub Gagnon, Chie Yoshii & KiSung Koh
James Bullough, Mari Inauki & Seth ArmstrongDETLAX06 DETLAX07DETLAX08 DETLAX09Dave MacDowellAnthony ClarkDave MacDowellDETLAX10 DETLAX11New Work From Stephanie Buer DETLAX12Okuda, Shark Toof, Hueman, Erik Jones & Ben EineDETLAX13New Work From Stephanie Buer DETLAX14Kozyndan, Michelle Tanguay, Mary Iverson, Carl Cashman & Greg MikeDETLAX15New Works From Liz Brizzi

View The Entire LAX/DTW Exhibition On 1xRUN Now


Photos by 1xRUN photographer Sal Rodriguez. You can see his photos documenting Jesus Benitez’s Detroit residency in the 1xNews Streets section and follow him @eljefe313.