Throwback: POW! WOW! – The Last 3 Years

With the POW! WOW! Long Beach wrapping up yet another successful event for the Hawaii-based mural festival, we wanted to take a look back at some of the amazing works from the past 3 years of POW! WOW! events. Here at 1xRUN we were fortunate enough to be invited in 2013 and since then we have known that any POW! WOW! event is truly not to be missed.

What started out as small indoor collaborative festival in Hong Kong showcasing a handful artists, has sprouted to hosting over 100 participants 2015’s POW! WOW! Hawaii. Their programming has continued to expand as well, with artist discussions, music workshops and more as part of the festivities to help broaden the discussion for every perpetual student. Here at 1xRUN we have been fortunate enough to join for the last three years in Hawaii, as well as heading out for the inaugural 2014 event in Taiwan last summer.  2015 has ramped up as POW!WOW! kicked things off with their annual Hawaii event, following that up with first time activations in Texas for South By Southwest and Long Beach earlier this month. With the year halfway over, the world’s premiere mural festival has showed no signs of complacency and continue to push the envelope and find artists that do the same.

Public murals have always served as way great global communicator. Everyone from casual passersby to art aficionados are beginning to realize the importance of these public works and events like POW!WOW! prove it with the enthusiasm and top notch quality of talent they continue to produce with each event. Founder, lead director and curator Jasper Wong has been one of the driving forces of the festival since its humble beginnings, tirelessly working to make each event one of the best art activations of the year. (Check out POW! WOW!’s Jasper Wong interviewed here.) With the help of Kamea Hadar, Jeff Gress, Christa Wittmier and an ever-growing army of dedicated staff and volunteers, POW! WOW! has now helped artists create over 175 murals around the world. In 2013 1xRUN headed out to Honolulu for our first POW! WOW! print exhibition 1xLand 2xSea we had no clue what we was in store for us, and each passing event POW! WOW! continues to keep things evolving.  Read 1xRUN digs into our POW! WOW! photo archives for a few favorites from the past 3 years…

POW!WOW! Hawaii 20131xRun_POW!WOW!_Throwback-81xRun_POW!WOW!_Throwback-2Woes, Will Barras, Mr. Jago, Meggs1xRun_POW!WOW!_Throwback-4Rone1xRun_POW!WOW!_Throwback-51xRun_POW!WOW!_Throwback-6Nychos & Jeff Soto


Yoskay Yamamoto & Jeff Hamada / Faith47


Ekundayo / Erik Otto

POW!WOW HAWAII 20141xRun_POW!WOW!_Throwback-2Kofie in action


Roids  & Insa sketching out their Gif-iti wall  1xRun_POW!WOW!_Throwback-5 Norm & Martha Cooper1xRun_POW!WOW!_Throwback-6Glenn Barr


1xRun_POW!WOW!_Throwback-7Prime1xRun_POW!WOW!_Throwback-9Cope 21xRun_POW!WOW!_Throwback-10Persue & Slick1xRun_POW!WOW!_Throwback-8Fans 1xRun_POW!WOW!_Throwback-9Spencer Keeton Cunningham, Aaron Glasson and Skinner 1xRun_POW!WOW!_Throwback-10Spencer Keeton Cunningham1xRun_POW!WOW!_Throwback-13Roger Gastman at the annual 1xRUN Print Exhibition1xRun_POW!WOW!_Throwback-111xRun_POW!WOW!_Throwback-27Andrew Schoultz1xRun_POW!WOW!_Throwback-23 Tristan Eaton in action1xRun_POW!WOW!_Throwback-24123 Klan 1xRun_POW!WOW!_Throwback-25Woes & Tatiana Suarez 1xRun_POW!WOW!_Throwback-26Roids & Insa  1xRun_POW!WOW!_Throwback-28Bask & Meggs1xRun_POW!WOW!_Throwback-15Kamea Hadar1xRun_POW!WOW!_Throwback-11Hannah Stouffer


James Jean / Vhils 1xRun_POW!WOW!_Throwback-14Wooden Wave 1xRun_POW!WOW!_Throwback-15Push MSK 1xrun-logo-aaron-de-la-cruz-pow-wow-1xrun1xRun painted by Nychos, Bask, Persue, Meggs & Glen Barr / Aaron De La Cruz 1xRun_POW!WOW!_Throwback-18Kofie

1xRun_POW!WOW!_Throwback-19Aiko 1xRun_POW!WOW!_Throwback-20Cyrcle  1xRun_POW!WOW!_ThrowbackDan Armand co founder of 1xRun

The 1st annual POW!WOW! Taiwan1xRun_POW!WOW!_Throwback-17Madsteez & Insa  


Aaron De La Cruz & Rone1xRun_POW!WOW!_Throwback-16Dabs1xRun_POW!WOW!_Throwback-22Mr. Ogay1xRun_POW!WOW!_Throwback-23Woes1xRun_POW!WOW!_Throwback-26Woes & Sheryo/The Yok1xRun_POW!WOW!_Throwback-24james-jean-brendan-monroe-candy-birdJames Jean1xRun_POW!WOW!_Throwback-27Kamae Hadar, Reach, Jeff Gress + more…1xRun_POW!WOW!_Throwback-29Apex1xRun_The-Yok_Taiwan_POW!WOW!1xRun_POW!WOW!_TaiwanSheryo & The Yok

POW!WOW Hawaii 2015doze-green-final_1 doze-green-final_4Doze Green   PowWowHawaii_15&16th_CMD_29Woes, Nosego, Etam PowWowHawaii_15&16th_CMD_40 PowWowHawaii_15&16th_CMD_41ROA PowWowHawaii_15&16th_CMD_49 PowWowHawaii_15&16th_CMD_52Cryptik PowWowHawaii_15&16th_CMD_56Smithe & Case Maclaim PowWowHawaii_15&16th_CMD_59Alexis Diaz PowWowHawaii_15&16th_CMD_62Matt & Tristan Eaton


Photos by
– 1xRUN Co-Founder Dan Armand – follow him @small__arms
– 1xRUN Editor-In-Chief Pietro Truba – follow him @pietro1xrun
– 1xRUN Contributing Photographer Mike Popso – follow him @mrpopso84
– 1xRUN Contributing Photographer Colin M Day – follow him @seatsontitanic