Jesus Benitez’s Detroit Mural & 1xRUN Residency

Mexico City based artist Jesus Benitez recently joined the 1xRUN residency program creating new work in our studio space and working on a new mural in Southwest Detroit. You can check out Jesus’ recent work from the Cinco de Mayo exhibition here and see the finished mural at Garage Cultural below…

jesusM1JB39  JB35







You can also see work in progress shots of Jesus Benitez working both on this wall and pieces for the Cinco de Mayo show, plus more of his time in Detroit in the 1xNEWS section and find Jesus’s mural on the Cinco de Mayo mural map below!


Photos by 1xRUN photographer Sal Rodriguez. You can read 1xRUN’s recent interview with Sal Rodriguez in the 1xNews Interviews section, see his photos documenting Jesus Benitez’s Detroit residency in the 1xNews Streets section and follow him @eljefe313