1xRUN 2016 Year In Review

1xRUN did quite a lot in 2016. A whole bunch actually. Read on for our massive year end recap to see a few of the things we did this year with a month by month breakdown of some of our favorite events, prints, interviews, murals and lots more that is sure to give you a little visual eye candy as we head into 2017…



1xRUN’s Master Printer Jonny Alexander, kicked off the year with two new beautiful hand pulled screen prints with gradients to take a swim in from Jim Houser (Above) and Moneyless.

moneyless-alpha-omage-black-1xrun-12x20-1xrun-featured ian-kualii-as-the-world-dies-1xrun-news-02

Just Ian Kuali’i being a goddamn exacto assassin.


Cash For Your Warhol opened a pop up shop!


Lush kept being Lush.


Meggs and Does each got surgical on new editions of their own.



Kaka'ako Dreams by Kamea Hadar - Click To Purchase

For the past 4 years, February has meant one thing here at 1xRUN: POW! WOW! This past February was an amazing one here at 1xRUN as we debut new editions from dozens of new 1xRUN artists and welcomed back some of our most devoted artists for a massive print suite to coincide with the world’s premier mural festival. Check out POW! WOW! 2017 coverage here. Gear up for 2017, because we’ll be back yet again.

Heau by Hula - Click To Purchase

Eterna Dualidad (Low Flying Hawks) by Seher - Click To Purchase

Dark Vegas by James Jirat Patradoon - Click To Purchase

Snake Eyes by Lauren Ys - Click To Purchase

This Is Fine by Tatiana Suarez / Masher Blue by Woes - Click To Purchase

A Ghost Is Also A Well Forgotten Face by Edwin Ushiro - Click To Purchase

Lokahi by Christina Angelina

Like Currents Our Thoughts Rise And Pass by Ricky Lee Gordon (Freddy Sam) - Click To Purchase

Sket One - Bomb Dropper - Glow In The Dark + Variant Editions

A Hui Hou by Hauser - Click To Purchase

To The Trees We Must Go... by Wooden Wave - Click To Purchase

Fragile by Audrey Kawasaki - Click To Purchase

Clound Confetti + Original Artwork by Kristin Farr - Click //////to Purchase

Original Rockers by Kevin Lyons - Click To View

MARCH 2016


Trust The Shooter opened at Inner State Gallery, curated by our friends Jeremy Deputat and Rick Williams in our first photography exhibition since Deputat’s expansive solo show Nothing Is Forever.

DBC by Jeremy Deputat - Click To Purchase


Persue and 1xRUN launched The Origins of Bunny Kitty campaign!

Tokyo Space Invaders.

HaloPigg went Invader hunting and dropped by Haroshi’s studio for a visit.

Haroshi10-studiovisit-tokyo-halopigg-1xNews pastel-tbd-process-16-news

Pastel came to Detroit to work with 1xRUN Master Printer Jonny Alexander to create this beauty.


We joined in the on the fun at POW! WOW! SXSW along with the POW! WOW! and SprATX crews!

A photo posted by 1xRUN Editions (@1xrun) on

A photo posted by 1xRUN Editions (@1xrun) on

A photo posted by 1xRUN Editions (@1xrun) on

A photo posted by 1xRUN Editions (@1xrun) on


Eddie Colla got inspired as he came to Detroit. To put it lightly our man Eddie Colla is constantly pushing the envelope with engaging new editions and original artwork, keep an eye out for what we’ve got in store with Eddie in 2017.

Beasties - Ricky

Ricky Powell returned with outtakes from Paul’s Boutique-era Beastie Boys at the legendary G-Spot (above) + Scottie Marsh proved Kayne Loves Kanye.


APRIL 2017

Click to Purchase The Presidential Protestor Pack


YIKES. Yea, 1xRUN April Fools’d a lot of people with our “Endorsement” of Donald Trump as we partnered up with noted pun-enthusiast Hansky. Shit. Well. Jokes on all of us now. Moving on.


We caught up with legendary  photographer Janette Beckman to talk about the history behind her badass Slick Rick photo among many other things. Worth a second read. Check it out.



Mary Iverson (above) and Kukula both dropped amazing new editions that sold out almost instantly!  kukula-sicille-blue-jane-13x17-1xrun-parent-news-hero


Sea Walls Murals For Oceans New Zealand wrapped up with amazing new murals from dozens of 1xRUN alum.




Grotesk started a riot and Jet Martinez rocked his first edition that sold out nearly instantly!

jetboth zeb-love-serigraphy-1xrun-news-01

Zeb Love got literary and Greg Gossel printed some Funny Money.



 Prince died and storied Detroit photographer Leni Sinclair partnered up with us on her debut RUN to commemorate one of Prince’s incendiary shows here in Detroit. Read the full interview here.


Last but not least, our homie Luke Chueh made his Detroit debut with a massive exhibition featuring dozens of new paintings and countless new editions that would be rolled out on 1xRUN over the year!




May 2016

1xRUN partnered up with Movement to bring out Italian artist 2501 and La Maccina to this the worldwide holy grail of electronic music festivals.



Also, both 2501 and Ron Zakrin presented dueling solo shows to coincide with Movement 2016!

Rime got legal and Askew got real on street art and graffiti.


Pixel Pancho smoked copious spliffs in the 1xRUN studio, knocked out two paintings and a unique series of editions with 1xRUN Master Printer Jonny Alexander and 1xRUN Shop Master Craig Hejka.



Eddie Colla, David Young V & Nite Owl found the last traces of winter at an abandoned ski lodge.

Earth Crusher got a raise in his debut RUN.


JUNE 2016

Askew returned to Detroit with his latest body of work Post-Colonial


…while Beastman brought his Seminatural solo exhibition to Detroit.





Kamea Hadar finished his massive Hapa mural as a tribute to Barack Obama.


1xRUN partnered up with SprATX to bring releases to the Summer X-Games down in Austin with Brian Butler, Paul Jackson and Matt Gondek.all-3-x-games 

Ron English and Gregory Siff both rocked new editions to the delight of hundreds of fans lucky enough to snag one before they sold out! gregory-siff-sold-out-helado-18x18-1xrun-news-hero-01

Kristin Farr & Michael Reeder both crushed it with new boundary pushing editions and original art.

michael-reeder-16x20-1xrun-news-hero above-break-thru-17x17-1xrun-news-hero

Above broke through showing his face publicly for the first time and using his real name Tavar Zawacki for the first time, while 1xRUN’s own NNII threw down with a show here in Detroit at Stairwell Gallery.

JULY 2016

Featuring new works from Kwest, Persue and Jarus, Inertia opened here in Detroit at Inner State Gallery.

mitm-press-conference-1xrun 13

In front of a new mural by Ellen Rutt and Jesse Kassell, 1xRUN Co-Founder Jesse Cory announced that Murals In The Market’s would return this September and the 2017 lineup was revealed! mitm-press-conference-1xrun 11


Dave Kinsey dropped The Modern Condition showcasing a new hybrid edition blending screen print, digital printing and accented with unique hand-embellishments.


Kaaboo and 1xRUN teamed up for the 2016 featured print suite featuring new prints from Askew, Amandalynn, Caratoes, N.C. Winters and Vans The Omega.


1xRUN returned to Long Beach for the 2nd annual POW! WOW! Long Beach! We also threw down new editions by Sarah Joncas, Yoskay Yamamoto, Cinta Vidal, Edwin Ushiro, Dragon76, Sket One, 123Klan and Jamie Molina,  check out the recap here!





Chris Konecki and Caratoes knocked out new murals here in Detroit!


Persue and Fil Fury dropped new unique editions on wood panels and aluminum!


The Detroiter saw dozens of Detroit artists both locally and around the world showcasing new works in San Francisco alongside Heron Arts. On top of over 50 visual artists, the exhibition included a showcase from Ghostly International curated by Detroit’s trendsetting Movement Electronic Music Festival, bringing the Detroit sound to San Francisco with live performances from Matthew Dear, Shigeto and Lusine.




 Prolific Detroit artist Tyree Guyton returned to Inner State Gallery for a massive solo exhibition Faceology, as well as a series of events at his immersive outdoor public art installation The Heidelberg Project, produced and curated in tandem with the team here at 1xRUN!


Amy Small brought us these amazing individually handmade Red Flags. It was in fact great!


Buckshot Gallery and 1xRUN teamed up to bring in new editions from graffiti legends Seen, Risk, Bates and Ces!

seen-untitled-1xrun-01 ces-holdingshots risk-holding-02 bates-the-next-generation-21x22-1xrun-01a featuredprefab

Prefab77 and Kevin Ledo both dropped shiny new gold editions!

kevin-ledo-sarah-1xrun-news-04 kevin-ledo-sarah-1xrun-news-02

Logan Hicks went straight beastmode on his takeover the Houston/Bowery wall in New York City and our man Halopigg was on hand to get some amazing photos.

LoganHicksBoweryWall8 LoganHicksBoweryWall9

Andrew Schoultz

Andrew Schoultz

   The POW! WOW! crew headed to California’s Antelope Valley, and exclusive on site editions popped up at POW! WOW! Worchester‘s first year alongside 1xRUN alum!



Yoskay Yamamoto

Yoskay Yamamoto

"The New Vanguard" curated by Thinkspace Gallery.

“The New Vanguard” curated by Thinkspace Gallery.

September 2017

September it was again time for our very own Murals In The Market! To say there was a lot going on would be the very least. This year was another huge success with mindblowing walls from both local and international artists, along with artist talks, dinners and tons more. Take a look back at all our Murals In The Market coverage right here.  For now here’s the walls…

apexer_muralsinthemarket_1xrun_finished-walls-19 cey-adams_muralsinthemarket_1xrun_finished-walls chris-saunders_muralsinthemarket_1xrun_finished-walls clifton-perry_muralsinthemarket_1xrun_finished-walls-1 greg-mike_muralsinthemarket_1xrun_finished-walls-7 dalek_muralsinthemarket_1xrun_finished-walls-24 ghostbeard-patchwhisky_1xrun_muralsinthemarket_emad-rashidi hueman_muralsinthemarket_1xrun_finished-walls-23 hueman_muralsinthemarket_1xrun_finished-walls hebru-brantley_muralsinthemarket_1xrun_finished-walls jeff-gress_muralsinthemarket_1xrun_finished-walls marka27_1xrun_muralsinthemarket_finishedwallsweb kevin-lyons_muralsinthemarket_1xrun_finished-walls-27 jeremiah-britton_muralsinthemarket_1xrun_finished-walls kristin-farr_muralsinthemarket_1xrun_finished-walls-26 lauren-harrington_muralsinthemarket_1xrun_finished-walls-28 lauren-ys_muralsinthemarket_1xrun_finished-walls-17 xenz-mrjago_muralsinthemarket_1xrun_finished-walls nnii_muralsinthemarket_1xrun_finished-walls-21web


felipe-pantone_muralsinthemarket_1xrun_finished-walls paul-johnson_muralsinthemarket_1xrun_finished-walls-18 dessi-paula-schubatis_1xrun_muralsinthemarket_emad-rashidi vaughn-taormina_muralsinthemarket_1xrun_finished-walls sydney-james_muralsinthemarket_1xrun_finished-walls-1 slick_muralsinthemarket_1xrun_finished-walls-15 sheefy_1xrun_muralsinthemarket_halopigg_finishedwalls-web shades_muralsinthemarket_1xrun_finished-walls pixelpancho_muralsinthemarket_1xrun_finished-walls-39 tyree-guyton_muralsinthemarket_1xrun_finished-walls zak-meers_muralsinthemarket_1xrun_finished-walls-10a pat-perry_muralsinthemarket_1xrun_finished-walls-6-1 ellen-rutt-patrick-ethen-1xrun-murals-in-the-market-final-web nicole-macdonald_1xrun_muralsinthemarket_process-2 tylonn-sawyer_muralsinthemarket_1xrun_finished-walls-6 taylor-white_muralsinthemarket_1xrun_finished-walls-25 ben-saginaw_muralsinthemarket_1xrun_finished-walls-35 1010_muralsinthemarket_1xrun_finished-walls-1

That wasn’t all for September. We also linked up with Los Angeles legend Chaz Bojorquez, OG Slick and David Flores to commemorate their recent mural the infamous Hollywood Sound studios.



slickchazcomp-1000pixelschaz-david-collab-01 chaz-bojorquez-set-20x24-1xrun-news-hero

flores-angel-01 slick-venus-de-slick-24x24-1xrun-01

October 2017



 New York City-based artist Kevin Lyons returned to Detroit to crush an amazing solo exhibition, in part paying homage to Detroit’s own J. Dilla. We caught up with Kevin Lyons to talk about the show and gave everybody an inside view into Baker’s Dozen! Check out the full interview here. kevin-featured


Displaying new work of her own alongside Lyons was local artist Ellen Rutt, who’s sold out show also featured a live size custom installation encouraging kids of all ages to play with her signature shapes!

inner-state-gallery_bakers-dozen_getting-in-shape_gallery-photos_opening-night-15 inner-state-gallery_bakers-dozen_getting-in-shape_gallery-photos_opening-night-09 ellen-rutt_getting-in-shape_inner-state-gallery_gallery-photos-08 ellen-rutt_getting-in-shape_inner-state-gallery_gallery-photos-11 inner-state-gallery_bakers-dozen_getting-in-shape_gallery-photos_opening-night-01 inner-state-gallery_bakers-dozen_getting-in-shape_gallery-photos_opening-night-08 kevin-lyons_bakers-dozen_inner-state-gallery_gallery-photos-07 kevin-lyons_bakers-dozen_inner-state-gallery_gallery-photos-02


We dropped the Theatre Bizarre mastermind’s latest edition alongside the Carpe Noctem vinyl and to wrap up October we welcomed back Leni Sinclair, as well as her husband, counterculture icon John Sinclair. The two gave us the background on the revolutionary imagery and rhetoric behind Detroit’s seminal protopunk band the MC5 and their debut album Kick Out The Jams! A true piece of Detroit history, this print dropped on the Zenta New Year to coincide with the album’s original recording date. Check out the full interview right here.

 featuredjohnleni kramer-tyner

Yoko Ono, John Lennon, Leni and John Sinclair

Yoko Ono, John Lennon, Leni and John Sinclair

November 2017

The multi-talented Mike Giant made the trek to Detroit to open his latest solo exhibition Permanent Vacation here at Inner State. The show featured Giant’s largest piece to date, as well as new work created on a series of vintage letterhead from all over the world. We got a chance to sit down with Giant while he was here to talk about the show and much more. Check out the first installment of that interview right here.

giant-yogini-smoke giantfeatured letterheads02 letter-heads-giant_ig letterheadsdetails

Detroit’s own Jesse Kassel showcased new work alongside Giant with his latest series Bandos & Stolos. A fan favorite here at 1xRUN Kassel’s latest work continues to show why he is one of the most sought after artists in the city.

jesse-k-bandos mixed-comp fury

We also welcomed in musician Niagara as she joined us for her debut RUN Can I Help It If I’m In Love? For her first RUN, Niagara worked with 1xRUN In-House Master Printer Jonny Alexander to create hand-pulled screen prints, including individually unique hand-painted multiples featuring unique tattoos, beauty marks and more. you can read our full interview with Niagara right here.niagara-1xrun-1xnews-colonel-galaxy niagara-featured   niagara-can-i-help-it-teal-18x24-1xrun-news-hero

Ron Asheton and Niagara of Destroy All Monsters Bookies Detroit May 25, 1979

Ron Asheton and Niagara of Destroy All Monsters Bookies Detroit May 25, 1979

Damon Soule joined us for his very first release paying homage to The Dog Star, while we welcomed back Camilo Pardo for yet another successful edition featuring the iconic GT40 Gulf!


1xRUN and MTV partnered up to bring ABCNT, Denial, Sydney James and Lunar New Year to New York City on an election night for unique coverage of the election as the trio created an “Oval Office” in MTV’s New York City Time Square offices.

mtv-news-slider installation-02-img_7456 installation-03-img_7488 denial-img_7440 installation-04-screen-shot-2016-11-09-at-12-40-41-am installation-04-screen-shot-2016-11-09-at-12-40-50-am


Both Estevan Oriol and Wendy Ortiz made their respective 1xRUN debuts, Oriol with his iconic photo of Rascal In The ’47 Fleetline and  Ortiz with a piece very near and dear to her heart With All That’s To Come.



To wrap up November, Handiedan returned for a huge Black Friday release, and Goldman Arts brought dozens of great new prints in for their Wynwood Walls Cyber Monday sale!


December 2017


Kicking off December we headed down to Miami with Inner State Gallery at the Scope Art Fair where Cryptik, Pixel Pancho, 2501 and Tiff Massey all showcased new work. New hypnotic pieces from Cryptik and 2501 were alongside both sculptural works and new paintings by Pixel Pancho, as well as the jewelry and metal sculpture works of Tiff Massey.  Check out all the new work from that show right here!

pixel1 2501k tiff cryptik2


In one of the most talked about events of Miami Art Week 2016, 1xRUN partnered up with Juxtapoz Magazine and Mana Urban Arts Project as part of the Juxtapoz Clubhouse which featured original artwork, indoor murals and installations, a beauty shop, cafe, artist signings & new print editions, art books along with tons work new and old from 1xRUN alumni from around the globe.

Rounding out the large open room, the 1xRUN x Juxtapoz Clubhouse Bookstore featured a new print suite with releases from Cyrcle, Cash For Your Warhol (CFYW), Fintan Magee, Ravi Zupa, Atomik, Alex Yanes and Brandon Boyd. (There are extremely limited quantities remaining so be sure to grab yours now before they are gone!) The pop up show also showcased new Juxtapoz and 1xRUN merch, as well as featured artist t-shirts, hats, pins and more from Andrew Schoultz, CFYW and ABCNT printed by our good friends at Jakprints!


The 1xRUN x Juxtapoz Clubhouse Book Shop











Read our full recap of the Juxtapoz Clubhouse right here.




1xRUN Contributing Photographer Daniel Weintraub was a force to be reckoned with down in Wynwood, check out some of his favorite murals from 2016 Art Week down in Miami.



If that all wasn’t enough, we decided to load up an employee show It’s A Family Affair before we teamed up with Swoon and her Heliotrope Foundation to release their awesome print suite featuring some of contemporary art’s best!

heliobanner eddie-colla_banglamphu_1xrun-news-slider

Eddie Colla changed things up with a huge re-positionable wall edition and our man Zeb Love brought us a final winter snow with his beautiful foil editions of The Former Inhabitants.


And to wrap up the year Dasic Fernandez dropped his first print edition ever and our friend Earthcrusher helps us bring the year to an  end of  his apropos Lady Liberty.


Wow. Alright. I’m tired. A huge thank you to all the artists, partners, photographers and everybody that we worked with this year! Here’s to even more in 2016.


Edited and assembled by 1xRUN Editor-In-Chief Pietro Truba. Follow him @pietrotruba.